Cheapest PCB is not always the best PCB!

Mar 16, 2018

Although many start-up entrepreneurs and product inventors try to save money and send their boards to be manufactured in Asian countries, they rarely notice that there are local companies offering much better quality. The price difference is not that big because multilayer PCB fabrication process is almost completely automated and the human resources involved are pretty low. There are great electronics companies in USA, Germany, UK and other European countries. Your best guide in finding a reliable partner is probably Yellow Pages. Look for local companies, you will have more control of the end result and you will save big time on shipping. If you have found a company through the internet, check their website for proper contact information and always compare the address with the Who is admin mailing address for the particular domain name. Ideally, they should match or at least be within the same country.

With so many websites and electronics companies springing up every month, it is very easy to fall prey to fraud or low quality service.

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