Know Us
We are professional pcb supplier from China, our products include:
  • Prototype PCB , even only 1pc
  • Small to Medium Volume Production
  • Up to 40 layers
  • Special Material like High Tg, Aluminum
  • Flexible board
  • STM stencil
To meet RoHS complicance and Lead free, we have following solutions for board surface finish:
  • Lead free HASL - Hot Air Solder Leveling with lead free solder
  • ENIG - Electrolytic Ni/Immersion Gold
  • OSP - Organic Solderability Preservatives
  • Immersion Tin
  • Immersion Silver
For normal FR4 and Tg 170 material boards, we set auto quote and order system, you could quote and order online by filling in board specifications according to your design. Other material boards or SMT stencil, please submit your requirements, we will check and offer to you after replying your message.

Our boards are with the good level quality and reasonable competitive prices, also are UL marked and SGS RoHS certificated, and ISO9001:2000 quality certified.

We provide our boards to world market , we focus on quality, both on product and service, and we believe this will bring our customers the real value and keep working on improvement for customer satisfaction.