PCB Technical Capability:

Description Technical Parameters Remark
Layer 1-40  
Board Material FR4, High Tg, Aluminum Base, High Frequency, Rogers,PTFE,FPC,Thick Copper, Paper Base, BT Base, PI Base, Rogers, Arlon, Nelco
Product type Back board, HDI, Blind/Burried vias multilayer, Capacitor Embedded board, Power supply, Thick gold, Thick copper board, etc.  
Min Trace/Space 0.050mm(2mils) Finished copper weight 0.5 OZ
Min. Annular Ring Width Vias: 3mils  
Component Holes: 5mils
Min. Hole Size NC drill 0.10mm(4mil) Finished boards
Laser drill 0.10mm(4mil)(Depth≤65um)
Aspect Ratio 16:1  
Max. Board thickness Single and Double Side 8.0mm
Multilayer 8.0mm
Min. Board Thickness Single and Double Side 0.2mm
Multilayer 4Layer: 0.40mm     6Layer: 0.60mm
8Layer: 1.00mm     10layer: 1.20mm
Max. Board size Single and Double Side 609 * 609mm
Multilayer 550 * 810mm
Distance Between Trace and Board edge Outline: 0.20mm
V-CUT:0.33mm(Board Thickness<1.2mm)
Solder mask Mask Window(mil) 2/4
Mask Bridge(mil) 6 Between IC pins
Color White, Black, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red  
Legend Min. Line Width(mil) 5/8
Color White, Yellow, Black, Red, etc.
Surface finish HAL, Plated Ni/Au, Immersion Ni/Au, OSP, etc.
Copper Plating Hole(micron) Copper Thickness 20 25
Base Copper Thickness Inner layers and Outer layers(OZ) 0.5 6
Finished Copper Thickness Outer layers 1 6.5
Inner layers 0.5 6
Outline Tolerance L≤100mm ±0.10mm
100mm<L≤200mm ±0.13mm
200mm<L≤300mm ±0.20mm
300mm<L ±0.20mm
Finished Product Thickness Tolerance 1H≤1.0mm ±0.10mm
1.0mm<H≤1.6mm ±0.14mm
1.6mm<H≤2.0mm ±0.18mm
2.0mm<H≤2.4mm ±0.22mm
2.4mm<H≤3.0mm ±0.25mm
3.0mm<H ±0.25mm
Impedance Control 5%