Lead time & Holiday
Depending on your time schedule, we offer normal service and fast service.Online quotations are all for normal lead time, if you are hurry with one certain job, please email us about the order urgency, your job will be processed as top priority with some premium paid. Orders placed on weekends and public holidays, we will consider next business day as the first day of order.
PCB lead time:Below time schedule only applies to prototypes with standard specification, our current production line will also influence delivery schedules, call ahead if time is urgent for you.

Layers Normal service Fastest service
1 7 working days 2days
2 8 working days 2days
4 10 working days 3days
6  10  working days 4days
8 10  working days 5days
10 12 working days 5days
Our standard specification: Surface finish: HASL
Soldermask color: Green
Silkscreen color: White
Min. spacing & tracing: >8mil
Min hole: >0.4mm
Min. annular ring: >12mil
SMT stencil lead time:       Normal service: 48-72 hours
      Fastest service: 24 hours

Service time: