Delivery PCB type

Panel Gerber file:We will fabricate the PCBs directly if you send paneled PCB gerber file to us.
Also it's free of charge to require us to panelize, email us the requirements, for example boards array in both X/Y coordinate, technique border, fiducial mark and so on….Then we will return the panel in pdf or gerber format for your final confirmation.
Panelization methods

The main considerations are V-scoring, tab routing or drill and tab routing, you can separate panel with light to moderate pressure after assembly, each method has its advantages and disadvantages:


One of the main benefits from V-Scoring is that has a better panel utilization compared to the tab routing, as V-scoring don't need spacing between small units while tab routing requires a certain width of the routing bit.
Routing:It applied to all kinds of board shape, while V-scoring only works with rectangular shape boards, also the routed board edge is very smooth except for the connection area, while V-cut will cause the board edge with burr after you breaking the units away.

Include the panel round rail, the idea panel dimension is about 200*300mm(7.9" by 11.8").

Board dimension: How to fill the PCB dimension

If the delivery of PCB type is panel, input the PCB panel dimension.
If the delivery of PCB type is single, input the PCB single dimension.

Quantity: The Quantity means how many PCBs or Panels you want to order.

*For Delivery PCB Type is Singl, input the PCB numbers in the Quantity Window.
*For Delivery PCB Type is Panel, input how many PCB Panels you need. For example, each panel has 2 PCBs, and you need 20 PCBs, so input 10 in the Quantity Window.

Thickness: We have different PCB thickness selection for our customers.

About the price, thicker PCBs cost more PCB fabrication fee and shipping fee, In general, 0.062inch/1.6mm thickness PCB is the most common thickness used the PCB industry.