The PCB Assembly Company's discussion on PCB proofing refers to the trial production of printed circuit boards before mass production.The main application is the process of electronic engineers designing circuits and completing PCB Layout, and then conducting small batch trial production to the factory. PCB proofing. The number of PCB proofing production generally does not have a specific boundary, generally engineers call PCB proofing before the product design is confirmed and tested. PCB proofing matters needing attention, PCB proofing matters needing attention, generally include two groups, one is the engineer group, the other is the PCB proofing manufacturer.

Electronic components such as LSIs, ICs, transistors, resistors, and capacitors are mounted on printed wiring boards, and the finished products are electrically connected by soldering. The mounting technology used is a plug-in mounting method and a surface mounting method. A semi-finished board with no installed components but only a wiring circuit pattern is called a printed wiring board.

The difference between PCB making and proofing?

1. There are two methods for proofing: regular PCB factory and professional model company. In your case, it is better to find a proofing company. They are based on proofing fees and will definitely accept your request to make only two pieces.

2. The purpose of regular factory proofing is to have batch orders, so of course I hope to return the order; the proofing company itself only makes samples or small batches, and you can't do it if you have a large order.

3. In terms of quality assurance, the regular factory must be better than the model company. The model company is a hammer to buy and sell the model and receive the money. The flying probe test does not need to be done. If the quality is not enough, you have to call it again. Money; regular factories generally do flying probe tests, and they are meticulous and professional from material to craftsmanship, so quality is often successful once.

Introduction to the basics of PCB proofing:

Generally divided by the number of layers: single-sided, double-sided, multilayer. What is single panel, double panel, multilayer board? Multilayer printed wiring board refers to a printed circuit board made of three or more conductive pattern layers and insulating materials laminated and bonded together alternately. A single panel has only one conductive pattern layer, and a double panel has two conductive pattern layers. Divided by surface treatment method: immersion gold plate chemical thin gold, chemical thick gold selective immersion gold, electric gold plate full plate, electric gold finger, selective electric gold spray tin plate, molten tin plate, sinking tin plate, sinking Silver plate, electric silver plate, palladium plate, organic soldering rosin plate, sacrificial plate Purpose:

1. Eliminate the internal stress generated during the production of the sheet, and improve the dimensional stability of the material.

2. Remove the moisture absorbed by the sheet during storage and increase the reliability of the material. With the rapid development of advanced semiconductor manufacturing technology, the cleaning process in chip manufacturing and other key processes require more pure water. high.

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