In the production and production of Flexible PCB, molding is the process before quality inspection and packaging, and is also the last process in the production process. The shapes of flexible PCBs are different, or square, or round, or elongated, or tapered, or regular, or irregular. In order to make the shape of each product uniform, beautiful, standard, and meet design requirements, flexible PCB molding methods generally choose die punching, cutting, and manual molding. Next, PCB Assembly Company will introduce to you.

First, let's introduce stamping. For die punching, the main body is a mold, and different flexible PCB products require different molds.

The molds are divided into materials, including steel molds and knife molds. The steel mold is made of steel, with high precision, many stamping times, and not easy to deform. It is the most commonly used mold. Because of its heavy weight, it often needs to be moved during installation and the cost is high. Therefore, the steel mold is generally not made too much. Large, suitable for flexible PCB punching of single board size within 600mm;

According to the accuracy, there are precision molds, ordinary molds, and simple molds. This involves three production methods of molds: slow wire, medium wire, and fast wire; molds made by slow wire are precision molds. The precision tolerance is ± 0.05mm, the quality of the steel is good, it is not easy to deform, but the price is high, and the production time is long. Unless the customer has special requirements for the shape accuracy of ± 0.05mm, this type of mold is generally not selected; The mold is a common mold, the precision tolerance is ± 0.10mm, the precision can meet most of the needs, the price is moderate, the performance is stable, and it is the usual type of mold selection; the mold made by fast-moving wire is the simple mold, the precision At ± 0.2mm, the price is slightly cheaper than ordinary molds. This type of mold opening method is generally selected for products with low shape tolerance requirements;

Secondly, it is cutting and forming, which is generally only used for the production of samples and very small batches. Cutting and forming are CNC knife cutting and laser forming. CNC knife cutting, input the cutting diagram into the computer, fix the flexible PCB imposition on the device according to the positioning hole, and the cutting head moves on the device according to the drawing line, so as to cut the flexible PCB into the specified shape. With the popularization of laser cutting machine, because of its high precision, round and square cutting surface, less burrs, and faster speed than knife cutting, therefore, it has replaced the CNC knife cutting method. Nowadays most of the production of flexible PCB samples are formed by this method.

Finally, it is hand-molded, which is formed manually with scissors, knives and pens. Only a few products that do not require shape accuracy will use this method.

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