As a PCB Prototype Service Supplier, share with you. PCB Bare Board is a key interconnection of electronic products, where there are printed circuit boards where there are electronic products. China has become a major manufacturer of electronic products, and it has also driven the development of PCBs. PCB design requires a reasonable layout.

1. Beautiful

Not only should the neat and orderly placement of components be considered, but also the graceful and smooth routing. For the image of the product, the former should be given priority when the performance requirements are not critical.

2. Force

The pcb circuit board should be able to withstand all kinds of external forces and vibrations suffered during installation and work. For this reason, the circuit board should have a reasonable shape, and the positions of various holes (screw holes, special-shaped holes) on the board should be reasonably arranged.

3. Heated

For high-power, severely heat-generating devices, in addition to ensuring heat dissipation conditions, pay attention to placing them in appropriate locations. Especially in precision analog systems, special attention should be paid to the adverse effects of the temperature field generated by these devices on the fragile preamplifier circuit.

4. Signal

Signal interference PCB layout The most important factor to consider in PCB design. The most basic aspects are: the weak signal circuit is separated from the strong signal circuit or even isolated; the AC part is separated from the DC part; the high frequency part is separated from the low frequency part; pay attention to the direction of the signal line; the layout of the ground wire; proper shielding and filtering And other measures.

5. Installation

In a specific application, it refers to a series of proposals for the smooth installation of pcb circuit boards into the chassis, casing, slot, so as not to cause spatial interference, short circuit and other accidents, and to place the designated connector in the designated position on the chassis or casing basic requirements.

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