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1: A printout device for generating high-precision plastic toner solder masks, such as a laser printer or a copier.

2: A working electric iron.

3: A smooth bottom liner of self-adhesive stickers.

4: A certain amount of ferric chloride etching solution depends on the size of the board. In addition, it is better to have a digital thermometer with a range of 0 to 200 degrees, and the high-end digital multimeter can also be used.


The first step: use a software that can generate images to generate some image files, such as organizing the SCH with a lower version of PROTEL, and then use the network table to generate the corresponding PCB diagram, or use PowerPCB to draw the circuit board proof drawing directly for printing.

Step 2: Print the PCB image on the thermal transfer paper.

Step 3: Lay the printed transfer paper of the PCB on the copper clad laminate, ready for transfer.

The fourth step: use an electric iron to heat (it is very hot) to press the black plastic powder on the transfer paper against the copper-clad board to form a high-precision anti-corrosion layer.

Step 5: The effect of heating and pressurizing the electric iron after successful transfer! If you do it often and become proficient, it is easy to succeed.

Step 6: Prepare ferric chloride solution for corrosion.

Step 7: The effect is not bad! Be careful not to over-corrode, the corrosion is over, prepare for welding.

Step 8: Clean out the pad part, and the remaining part is used for solder mask.

Step 9: Install the required originals and weld them.


1: Do not overheat or cool the iron. The optimal temperature is between 140 and 170. Within this temperature range, the transfer characteristics of the plastic toner are the best

2: Wait for the temperature to be lower before peeling off the transfer paper and slowly peeling off. If you find that the part has not been transferred, please cover it again, heat and press again for heat transfer.

3: For some really problematic parts, please use oily carbon pen or nail polish, paint or something to remedy, but this is not a lot.

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