There are two kinds of PCB circuit board exposure: line exposure and solder mask exposure. The function is to irradiate ultraviolet light to cure the irradiated local area, and then develop to form a circuit pattern or a solder resist pattern.

The process of circuit exposure is to first put a photosensitive film on the copper-clad board, and then put it together with the circuit pattern negative film to expose it with ultraviolet rays. The photosensitive film irradiated with ultraviolet rays will undergo polymerization reaction. The photosensitive film here can resist Na2CO3 weak alkali during development The solution is washed away, and the unsensitized parts are washed away during development. In this way, the circuit pattern on the negative film is successfully transferred to the copper clad board;

The process of solder mask exposure is the same, apply photosensitive paint on the circuit board, and then cover the place that needs to be soldered during exposure, so that the pad is exposed after development.

What inspections are required during the production process of the circuit board to reassure customers? Many customers worry about quality when they choose PCB Company. Today, the editor of the circuit board will share with you in the entire circuit board production process, how do we do the inspection of the circuit board in each link? Don’t miss it if you are interested!

First of all, incoming inspection: receiving inspection of raw materials, auxiliary materials, outsourcing parts and purchased parts before entering the factory. Do not store or use unqualified materials.

The second is process inspection: also called process inspection, which inspects the work in process during the production process at the production site. It not only prevents unqualified products from flowing into the next process, but also prevents abnormal occurrence of large quantities of unqualified products in the production process.

Final inspection: also called finished product inspection, which inspects finished products before they are put into storage and delivered. The inspection is carried out in full accordance with the customer's contract and relevant standard requirements to ensure customer acceptance.

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