When choosing a PCB multi-layer circuit board factory, it is necessary to select a professional manufacturer through a comprehensive comparison. The price of the circuit board produced by the PCB Assembly Manufacturer is more affordable, and the quality is guaranteed. Relatively speaking, the after-sales service is more secure, so choose PCB mass production Enterprises with strong service capabilities are obviously less risky.

1. Pay attention to the range of process capability

When choosing a circuit board manufacturing company, try to choose a company with a wide range of processes and strong process capabilities to prevent the involved process from exceeding the production company’s ability to affect the delivery time. Therefore, when choosing a manufacturing company, you must first refer to the process requirements in detail. Prevent electrical functions from being affected due to insufficient craftsmanship.

2. Pay attention to whether the production equipment meets the needs

Due to the different types of circuit boards, the production requirements are quite different, and the equipment levels used are also different. When choosing a circuit board manufacturer, it is necessary to contact the manufacturer for sample selection and adaptability, try to choose a reputable circuit board manufacturer, and require the manufacturer to have high-level equipment, high-tech and high-level automation equipment to produce high precision, Good quality.

3. Pay attention to whether there is a cross-boarding clause

Due to the special nature of circuit board production, the boards that need to be assembled and shipped are at risk of being scrapped. Generally, the production company defaults that the customer accepts the cross-pitching clause. If not, the manufacturer needs to communicate with the processing party. A certain fee will be charged. Therefore, you need to choose whether to accept the flat fork according to your own situation.

4. Pay attention to whether the company's products have quality assurance (such as whether the flying probe test before leaving the factory)

When choosing a company such as a circuit board, we must determine whether it has a quality supervision system, such as whether the product has been tested by flying probes before shipment, so as to avoid quality problems affecting the later use of circuit boards and prevent safety problems. You should choose trustworthy Circuit board manufacturing company.

The above are some points for attention when choosing a circuit board manufacturing company. In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether the production company provides invoice receipts, to see whether the taxes and fees charged on its invoices comply with market regulations; also to pay attention to the distribution of circuit boards, because such precision products need to be properly packaged and delivered safely, depending on whether the company has Distribution capacity, if there is no distribution capacity, whether there is a distribution guarantee system.

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