In recent days, some customers have asked the editor about the PCB circuit board deformation in that situation? Today PCB Assembly Manufacturer is here to share with you!

The uneven copper surface area on the circuit board will worsen the bending and warping of the board.

1. Generally, a large area of copper foil is designed on the circuit board for grounding purposes. Sometimes there is also a large area of copper foil designed on the Vcc layer. When these large area copper foils cannot be evenly distributed on the same sheet When the circuit board, it will cause the problem of uneven heat absorption and heat dissipation. Of course, the circuit board will also expand and contract with heat. If the expansion and contraction cannot be performed at the same time, it will cause different stress and deformation. At this time, the temperature of the circuit board If the upper limit of the Tg value has been reached, the circuit board will begin to soften, causing permanent deformation.

2. The connection points of each layer on the circuit board will limit the expansion and contraction of the board.

Today's circuit boards are mostly multi-layer circuit boards, and there are connection points between layers like rivets. The connection points are divided into through holes, blind holes and buried holes. Where there are connection points, the multilayer circuit will be restricted. The effect of the expansion and contraction of the board will also indirectly cause the circuit board to bend and warp.

Circuit boards are very important basic assembly parts in electronic equipment, and are widely used in various electronic equipment such as household appliances, instruments and meters, and computers. Therefore, when making circuit boards, all aspects must be considered clearly to ensure that there will be no problems when using electronic equipment. So, what issues need to be considered when making circuit boards?

1. Consider the type of production

Circuit boards are divided into single-layer boards, double-sided boards, and multi-layer boards. The conductive patterns of single-sided boards are relatively simple, and only one side of the substrate has conductive patterns, while double-sided boards have conductive patterns on both sides. Metal holes are generally used. Connect the conductive images on both sides. Multi-layer boards have multiple substrate layers and complex conductive patterns, so they are more suitable for sophisticated electronic equipment. Therefore, circuit board manufacturing companies with guaranteed quality should consider which type of circuit board they need to use when designing and manufacturing.

2. Consider the material of the substrate

The insulating laminate composed of polymer synthetic resin and reinforcing material can be used as the substrate of the copper clad laminate. There are many types of synthetic resins, commonly used are phenolic resin, epoxy resin, polytetrafluoroethylene, etc., reinforcement materials generally have two types of paper and cloth. These materials determine the mechanical properties of the substrate, such as cold resistance and bending strength Wait. Therefore, it is necessary to consider what kind of substrate to use when making the circuit board.

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